Tool Vault

The latest addition to our expanding Plantsafe product range is the ToolVault. This is a high security strong box housing tools, high value materials and electrical equipment.

In our mind the ToolVault is impregnable, it is constructed of a special compound, 150mm double skin steel walls with no direct access points. The locks are full internal and work both electrically and hydraulically. (The design of this item has been taken directly from that of a bank vault). The outer skin is impossible to burn or directly saw through.

The ToolVault is transported by means of a Hook Loading Trailer, which is in turn towed by a specialist off road vehicle. This means we can deliver to the most challenging of site environments. The Hook is located at the front of the vault so placing in the corner of a site is easy and maximising site space.

When the Vault is delivered and situated the hook is removed and the resilient holes are covered this leaves 4 flat sides with no lifting points. The vault weight empty is approximately 20 tonnes this giving no opportunity for thieves with lifting equipment to attempt to steel the ToolVault.

We are currently supplying ToolVault to construction sites to house items such as saws, rammers, surveying equipment etc. Also supermarkets to house high value goods which cannot for whatever reason be stored in the main building.

The Plantsafe™ product range continues to grow and in the ToolVault we have a product currently enjoys a 100% success rate against thieves and allows companies to be rest assured that when they arrive for work their equipment will still be safe.

If your company has any specific requirements for any of our PlantSafe™ products please ask our technical department as we can supply additions to all our range such as fuel tanks, toilets. Also we can design our product to any specific dimensions.